Liquid Hike Show: Your Very First Hike with Michele The Trainer Episode 6

10 Reasons to Try Easy Hiking for the Very First Time

Hiking just means walking in the dirt.

Hiking does not have to be hard or scary or intimidating.

Hiking can be as easy as walking on a flat sidewalk or in the mall,

but oh, it smells much better than the mall!

It’s always nicer to be outside where there are trees, birds and fresh air.

The biggest difference is that you might get your shoes dirty.

Here are 10 ways to prepare for your maiden voyage—your first hike.

  1. Check your local weather. Weather extremes are NOT a good time to try easy hiking! If your area is too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, too snowy, a storm is coming or any act of god is presenting, don’t plan to hike yet, but you can still do the research.
  2. Google the words “Easy Hike” in the area you want to hike, at a state or national park, or a known flat area nearby.
  3. Read some reviews about the hike from hiking sites. Write or print out the name of the site you like.
  4. When you read the reviews, note information like
    1. Are there plants to avoid on this hike, like Poison Oak?
    2. what is the best season for this hike,
    3. is there a bathroom at the trailhead,
    4. or is there a charge for parking.
  5. Find some walking shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  6. Prep a comfortable backpack or small bag with a bottle of water, sunscreen, lip balm, snacks, toilet paper, a sunhat, a camera, emergency information and binoculars if you’d like. Don’t forget parking money. Find a buddy to meet you there.
  7. Dress in layers for all the weather you might encounter.
  8. Go check it out! Drive to the trailhead. Circle the parking lot. If it looks awful you can go back home. It might be awesome with picnic tables and giant clean restrooms with brand new water fountains.
  9. In general, this is the order of operations. Park the car, pay for parking, get your bag and water, use the restroom and start walking on the EASY hiking trail you chose. Either with your buddy or let someone know where you are.
  10. Enjoy your hike. Look for small wildlife like birds.  Checkout the different plants and leaves.  Send me some photos and we can share them on

Give walking outside on an easy hiking trail a try.

You can use the hashtag #lhnaturehike to share your photos with me and the LiquidHike community via Instagram or Twitter.