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Join lifetime naturalist and SCUBA diver Michele the Trainer as she narrates the world’s best nature photos, videos, art, poetry and writings exclusively here on Liquid Hike.


Liquid Hike

Years ago, a group of divers surfaced after a long deep colorful warm SCUBA dive on a boat off of the Hawaiian Islands.  During the surface interval while removing their gear, they were chatting it up about what their nature sightings (manta rays, fish, sharks, and invertebrates), hiking, and diving.  Hiking in nature and SCUBA diving, to observe and photograph nature, are very similar in beauty and mood.

SCUBA diving, for non-aquatic nature lovers, can be described as a Liquid Hike.  Liquid Hike does not mean that we are drinking margaritas while we are hiking.

Liquid Hike is created by Michele the Trainer.  PADI Divemaster and international SCUBA diver, since 1983 and a lifelong eco-green bird nerd, naturalist, and tree hugger.











Liquid Hike is interested in terrestrial and aquatic nature; art, video, poetry and photos.

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Email with Liquid Hike in the subject line. Thank you!