Liquid Hike Show: Rachel Carson Quotes with Michele The Trainer Episode 4

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - CIRCA Stamp printed in USA shows Rachel Carson circa 1980

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – CIRCA Stamp printed in USA shows Rachel Carson circa 1980

10 (or more) Quotes from Rachel Carson

Show Notes from Episode 4 of the LiquidHike Show

Rachel Carson was a Marine Biologist and my first mentor and hero in my life.

All her books were among the first books I ever read.

Rachel Louise Carson was a conservationist credited with advancing the global environmental movement,who worked as an aquatic biologist with the US Bureau of Fisheries.

Silent Spring The Sea Around Us, The Edge of the Sea, Under the Sea Wind and other writings are bestsellers.

Opposed by chemical companies, Silent Spring’s focus on environmental problems was fierce, and led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides and also led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency in the 1960s.

After her death she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter.

I was the only eco geeky child in elementary school doing my reports on Rachel Carson books.
List of Rachel Carson Quotes:

  1. “In Nature, Nothing Exists Alone” Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
  2. “In Every Curving Beach In Every Grain of Sand there is the Story of the Earth” Rachel Carson
  3. “Those Who Contemplate the Beauty of the Earth Find Resources of Strength that will Endure as Long as Life Lasts. There is Something Infinitely Healing in the Repeated Refrains of Nature—the Assurance that Dawn comes after Night , and Spring after Winter.” Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
  4. “The Edge of the Sea is a Strange and Beautiful Place” Rachel Carson
  5. “One Way to Open Your Eyes to Unnoticed Beauty is to Ask Yourself, “What if I had Never Seen this Before? What if I Knew I would Never See it Again?” Rachedl Carson
  6. “The More Clearly we can Focus our Attention on the Wonders and Realities of the Universe about us, the Less Taste we shall have for Destruction.” Rachel Carson
  7. “We Spray our Elms and the following Springs are Silent of Robin Song, not because we Sprayed the Robins directly but because the Poison traveled, step by step, through the now familiar Elm Leaf-Earthworm-Robin cycle.” Rachel Carson
  8. “Man is Part of Nature and His War against Nature is Inevitably a War against Himself.” Rachel Carson
  9. “For the First Time in the History of the World, every Human Being is now Subjected to Contact with Dangerous Chemicals, from the Moment of Conception until Death.” Rachel Carson
  10. “Those Who Dwell Among the Beauties and Mysteries of the Earth are Never Alone or Weary of Life.” Rachel Carson
  11. “It is a Wholesome and Necessary Thing for us to Turn again to the Earth and in the Contemplation of her Beauties to know the Sense of Wonder and Humility.”Rachel Carson
Bonus! “Those who contemplate the Beauty of the Earth find Reserves of Strength that will Endure as Long as Life Lasts.” Rachel Carson