Drastic Plastic

Drastic Plastic

Put that plastic in the bin

Do not contribute to the sin

Our planet’s using too much plastic

Outside the bin is the most drastic

We don’t need to be elastic

Reaching down is not gymnastic

Animals can get strangled

Or sadly they get mangled

For some the injury’s gastric

Recycling is quite fantastic

Make sure it gets into the can

Clean up the beach and get a tan

Shaming litterbugs is also a plan

Pick it up with gloves on hand

Or get a stick so you can stand

Your feet will thank you on clean sand

Clean up’s exercise– we can become thin

Then we can sport a giant grin

Into the bin for the big win

Recruit your friends and all your kin

Into the bin will go more tin

YES recycle your bottle of gin!

For the oceans it’s hypoxic

All this shit is getting toxic

Everyone’s haste

Is creating more waste

Look around and you will find

Trash on the ground will blow your mind

Please don’t leave it for the wind

Be the person who makes gets it binned

Together our planet can be FREE



If anyone wants to learn more about the ocean, here is a free video about Whale Shark Facts!

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