What is Line Fishing?


When we think of line fishing, we imagine one man in one boat with one pole and one line.

However after SCUBA diving for many years, and almost getting entangled myself several times in fishing line and net waste, please watch this video so you can see:

A. Fish and Aquatics don’t stand a chance against man

B.  The waste in dead animals (collateral damage species), and dangerous waste by lines with giant hooks left behind, are horrific for everyone.

C.  What “line fishing” really is.  We’ve basically turned “line” into “giant net”.  This is not one man, one boat, one pole, one line:

And this is the least destructive of several methods.

Even diving in protected areas to view protected species, like Hammerhead and Silvertip sharks in Cocos Island, Costa Rica, you can observe several sharks with hooks and lines still in them.  These are big beautiful animals in the middle of the ocean that want nothing to do with humans.  Silvertip sharks are one of the top aesthetically lovely wild animal sightings of my life, and they are full of hooks in a protected area? (see photo above)

We don’t see it.

We have a lot to deal with in our everyday lives and somehow we think that these food sources (and water sources, and natural gas sources) are being managed, but they clearly are NOT.   These are all natural resources.

I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen species disappear from an area in my diving history.  That’s 35 years, not a big window of history.  Areas that used to full of scallops, oysters and sharks now have none of those.  Areas that used to have kelp and abalone and lobster that now have none of those. What will happen in the next 50?

I was raised fishing. I was very good at it.  Fresh and salt water.  It was my thing–I thought one of my best “skills”.

It was a source of great pride, to be a great female fisher”man”.

I walked away from it all in the 90’s when it became more important to lead by example and leave it all be.  Fish are my friends. I became vegan.

I’ve been visiting underwater for many years and I’ve never had a problem with a fish or aquatic.  They are quiet and cool buddies.

Our planet is 71% water. When we protect an area, it does help it heal.

Maybe never to it’s original state, but a new normal can be full of life and color, and is better than a planet full of waste and destruction.


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