Earth is Not Your Mommy

Do we treat the Earth like a Mommy?

Our personal basket of endless resources like a Mom with a giant purse full of everything we need to fulfill our happiness?

Are we relating to Mother Nature and Mother Earth like an unconditional all giving Mom?

Most children grow up and learn to give back to Mom and Dad.

We learn to have a relationship with our parents.

We learn to cook for them or invite them to a meal, instead of expecting them to continue feeding us through our adult life.

We learn appreciation and gratitude.

Are we failing to learn that with our Planet?

Are we giving back to the Earth?

Are we protecting the Earth and her resources?

Are we “using our words” to have a protective voice on her behalf?

Or are we expecting more and more and more?

  1. Moms provide. Moms give us everything.  If a child wants a pony a mom will do her best to accommodate.  The Earth, like a Mom, is not unlimited and we can’t just keep taking taking taking and expecting that resources will magically replenish.
  2. Moms support us.  Look at the economy of natural resources.  What is baffling is that humans profit from water, natural gas, fish, flowers, lumber, but those resources come from the Earth. Even worse we can’t even manage them to include public safety (Google- Flint Michigan Water Quality and California Natural Gas Leak).  Another example is the fishing debris, like nets, that are left in the ocean that are safety hazards for marine life AND humans.
  3. Moms clean up after us.  Can we just dump our plastic trash into the ocean?  Can we visit the beach at 4th of July and just leave all of our plastic trash there on the sand?  Can we leave our oil spill or fishing garbage in the water?
  4. Moms warm and dry us if we are wet and cold.  They make sure we are always comfortable. By destroying the atmosphere and ignoring/contributing to climate change are we contributing to impossible weather extremes?  Do we just expect that the earth will just carry on, like a Mom that’s sick but she takes care of everyone anyway?

When we share graphics and photos that say “Protect Mother Earth”, maybe associating Earth with Mother is the unfortunate fail.   Maybe we think the Earth is our Mother and will just keep on giving and giving and giving.

Can we net all the Aquatic Creatures?

Can we cut all the Forests and Trees?

Can we dump all of our plastic and toxic crap?

Can we poison all our water, on a planet that is 71% water?

Every person has a Mother.  Nobody is independent of Female energy.

As the world learns to treat Women better perhaps we can treat Mother Earth better.

What can we do?  The first step is to learn more.  Here are some movies you can watch to get you started:


Vanishing of the Bees

The Cove

Food, Inc.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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