Nature Helps Reverse Symptoms of Depression


Depression affects millions of Americans every day. Women, men, and children can all experience depression.

The causes of depression are as individual as each of the people who suffer from it. There are lots of medications and solutions offered, some of them that seem as dangerous as the illness itself.

Here at Liquid Hike, we encourage everyone to simply go outside or take a walk/ hike. We mean that literally. Hikes or simple easy walks in nature, or observing nature often, are among the best ways to improve our outlook on life. While it might not be a complete solution, it’s a positive lifestyle addition with no side effects. Improving our life one day at a time!

Moving More

Our bodies are designed to move. Sedentary lifestyles can silently bring stagnation into our lives and attitudes. Stagnation can host diseases of lifestyle. Simple movements like standing up or taking a stroll are better than just sitting. While treadmills are handy, walking and observing nature outdoors is delightful.

Slowing Down

A great deal of depression is caused by moving too fast or trying too hard. Many of us find ourselves working so hard that we are exhausted and still don’t feel like we are getting ahead.

Walking or hiking in the woods, along a beach, or up a mountain is great way to slow down and start getting back into tune with the rhythms and tempo of nature.

Our bodies synchronize to the clock of the sun and the seasons. As we move away from that in our 21st century lives, we begin to run on schedules that are in conflict with the way our body was engineered. A daily or weekly walk with nature can help you to regain those rhythms and cycles. Smile at the moon!


Sunshine, SAD and Vitamin D

Our bodies produce vitamin D naturally through exposure to sunlight. As we are exposed to the sun, the levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream will increase.

Vitamin D has been linked with our body’s ability to process calcium and even energy. It has also has shown to be vital for fending off depression. As we live our modern lives increasingly indoors and at night, our vitamin D levels have steadily dropped. Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by a lack of sunlight and vitamin D.

Taking regular long walks through woods, on the beach, and even in a city park can help us to increase our vitamin D levels and keep the blues away.


The easiest way to remember gratitude is to go outside and look up. Look up at the sky. Look at a bird or bug flying around. Look at the height of trees and remember their complex functions. Remember how many functions clouds have. These are simple things that are easy to see and we forget that they are actually very complicated. Take a deep breath outside and return to an attitude of awe.


Take a Hike, Take a Pic

Liquid Hike is designed to let people share their photos of nature with the rest of the world.

You can share on the site and experience community and friendship through sharing while enjoying each other’s photos.

You can interact with positive comments and perspective, and build relationships, just by typing.

Check us out at and go ahead out into the world. You will feel better, happier and, and much less blue.


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