#Liquidhike – T-shirts with Totem Animals



#Liquidhike – T-shirts and Totem Animals

The new Liquid Hike (www.liquidhike.com) t-shirts are coming in and we are so excited, we couldn’t wait to tell you about them. Today we have three different designs; Frog, Dolphin, and Hawk. Each animal art design is comprised of a complex set of different animal and nature images created by Sue Coccia, a Northwestern artist whose work is powerful and whimsical simultaneously. Here’s more about the nature animal designs that are printed on our high quality shirts.

earthartfrogcolorFrog – Frogs symbolize metamorphosis, cleansing and abundance. Abundance in nature is one of the keys to a healthy planet and healthy happy people. The unique change from a tadpole to a frog also make frogs a symbol of metamorphosis. For our Liquid Hike members and contributors, this metamorphosis can often be found in our commitment to a clean earth, a renewed environment, new ideas and happier healthier selves.

earthartdolphinlbDolphin – Dolphins represent harmony and balance. Everyone loves dolphins because they bring a smiling playfulness and inner strength to everything they do. They are super intelligent, therefore the dolphin is a sign of wisely applied love. Their playfulness is the primary way that they show their love for each other and life.

eartharthawkcolorHawk – Hawks represent the power of focus. They are leaders and can see clearly what needs to be done, in both the big picture (birds eye view!) and the small details. Hawks lead people to call upon and utilize their intuition in their everyday lives, including when deciding which path is best for a nature walk.

Each of the shirts were designed by Sue Coccia, a gifted artist who lives in Edmonds, Washington. Her work is all done in intricate pen and ink drawings that are fascinatingly complex and call upon traditional Native American designs.

Each animal contains the images of many other animals and scenes from nature. Frog, for example, also had the face of Bear, Ladybug, Butterfly wings, a Sunrise, Whales, and much, much more. These drawings are extraordinary in detail and very colorful.

The new Liquid Hike shirts have these drawings on them to celebrate all of the beauty and complexity that we see in Nature every time we step out of our homes.

The t-shirts can be purchased by clicking here:

They come in a variety of sizes so you can be comfortable. All proceeds from the shirts will be used to support that Liquid Hike website which promotes conservation and outdoor activities around the world.

Liquid Hike is about the same things that make Sue’s drawings and these shirts so amazing: the extraordinary diversity of nature. The beauty that is available to each of us is breathtaking in its intricacy and color.

Don’t forget to submit your nature photos by simply posting them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #LiquidHike or #LHNatureWalk. We will search for them and we’d love to see some of you enjoying nature wearing these shirts!

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