Go Outside and Play – #LiquidHike #LHNatureWalk

Go Outside and Play – #LiquidHike

“Go outside and play!” Almost everyone heard this daily growing up. It seems the world has changed a bit, but mom was right: getting outside for some play every day is great for you. Liquid Hike wants to see where you have been and where you are going. With Instagram and Twitter, we can play together!  Here is an image for Instagram you can share:


Fresh air is very therapeutic. Do you live in the city and drive in tons of traffic? Fresh air, whether it’s in a park or deep in a rainforest is amazing. If we deal with lots of humans in our day, a deep breath of outdoor relaxation might be in order. Forget your anxieties! Sit by a waterfall and breathe in the powerful smells of the tree and plants. It doesn’t have to be for 5 days, 5 minutes is a good start. You will reduce stress and improve your life by going out into the world and taking in the nature that you encounter.

That’s one of the most important things that modern people seem to forget. The whole world isn’t paved over. There is lots of nature everywhere. From Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo to Central Park in New York, there is nature to marinate our senses in.

If you can’t or don’t want to climb the Sierra Mountains or take a hike on the Adirondack Trail, simply observing nature is beneficial by making life more relaxed and calm. Many assisted living facilities now include aviaries and greenhouses for just that reason. Don’t wait that long to reap the rewards!  Here is an image for Twitter you can share:


Bird watching, tree identification, and even cloud watching (there are 10 major types of clouds and dozens of sub-types) can be very therapeutic for those who can’t or prefer not to take long hikes.

Nature watching can:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase concentration
  • Benefit the wildlife (you can contribute to online studies, wildlife counts, and migration information)
  • Allow for more restful sleep

 Let’s walk together!

When you post photos to Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtags #LiquidHike or #LHNaturewalk. No matter where in the world we are, we can search for these hashtags and it’s like we are walking or observing nature together!

At Liquid Hike, we always encourage everyone to take pictures and submit them. Here is further information on submitting photos to the Liquid Hike blog and website:


Through photos and stories on the website, everyone is able to enjoy the world around them, even if it is the other side of the planet.

If you want me to email or message you the Instgram or Twitter graphics above, just let me know.

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