Eagle Rays

Like a rose, there are some beauties of nature that just leave us speechless.  Rays in flight underwater belong to that group of spectacular sights.   Aesthetically amazing, (as are sharks…truly), when these graceful beauties are sighted, everyone underwater stops and stares, trying to imprint and absorb that moment and memory.  You give a look or make a sound to make sure all the humans know to look look LOOK!

The sightings can be rare or frequent, they can never be planned, and you might only see one ray, or with Eagle Rays a family together, which is really special.  Even if you see a glimpse of a side of a “wing” from a distance, you saw something and it was magical.  These sightings are never planned or expected. Most of the time we don’t see them. You can be down there daily for months and never see one.  They are literally flying around down there, and this is why conservation and protected areas are VERY important to animals like whales, dolphins, mantas, eagle rays (there are several other gorgeous types of rays), and of course sea turtles and the other plethora of animal friends who join in the great underwater parties of flora and fauna.

VN1601440_4742930746526_2460655851156525596_n The rays swoop down to the sand to feed on mollusks and crustaceans. This is a rare action shot of the take off after scooping up some. food, probably a conch or mollusk off the sandy bottom..



Like a whaleshark, each ray has a unique pattern.  So cool.

Special thanks to Vicky Norman who took these photos in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.


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