Owl Love You Forever

When we start to become more conscious of the world around us, we start to see, with grand awareness, more of what’s always been there.

If you’ve never seen a natural beehive, maybe you won’t.  Once you see a natural beehive, you might be able to hear and spot them from a distance.

Owls were the same way for me.  I actually thought I saw a beehive, and when I grabbed the monocular, it was a HUGE Great Horned Owl.  It looked like a tiger seated on the branch of a tree, with feathers so dense they really looked like fur.  If you’ve observed owls you know they really do resemble large cats (they groom, they do that cool head-tilty-thing, and they certainly have claws!).

My best sighting was 2 Great Horned Owls in one tree.  They stare you down while they fluff their neck to cool down. Just amazing.

In California it’s not uncommon to hear them at night.  Yes they will wake you up!  Look for them at dusk when they are on the move, take your time, you might become an instantly enamored bird watcher!

Click here to learn more VERY cool facts about Owls in a short and informative Earthcast SOS with Dr. Reese Halter:


Special thanks to artist Bonnie McDermott for sharing “Dawn Owls”

Dawn Owls was inspired by the nesting Great Horned Owls that were enjoyed by many in 2014 at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve in California.


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