Surfing Madonna – Save the Ocean

Vision and mission all in one story.  An artsy sketch turned into an art instruction adventure in Italy, returns to California for a passionate installation, fabricating a cover story (and telling that to the fire department), then a big criminal fine, then careful art removal, then community angst, then overwhelming community support, then re-installation and BOOM, a community of people helping people and an ocean saving foundation is born.

When Liquid Hike posted Guadalupe Mermaid

it reminded Liquid Hike fan Almond Phil about Surfing Madonna.  

He sent the story to me, I contacted Surfing Madonna and here we are!  

“The Surfing Madonna is a 10’x10′ glass mosaic created by artist Mark Patterson. It was covertly installed in broad daylight underneath a train bridge in Encinitas, CA by Mark and his friend, Bob Nichols, who posed as construction workers during the installation in 2011.  It was supposed to be an anonymous gift to the community until Mark was discovered months later.  She is now beautifully displayed across the street and Bob and Mark, founded the non-profit, Surfing Madonna Oceans Project.”

Liquid Hikers, you’re going to LOVE this story as much as I do, read THIS:

and even better, the Surfing Madonna foundation works towards helping special needs kids, wounded warriors, handicapped access equipment for the beaches (beach wheelchairs and access mats) and of course saving the ocean!

surfing madonna detail of mosaic

Detail of the Surfind Madonna Glass Mosaic

For more information please see:


Thanks Surfing Madonna for submitting your images and story.


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