Dead or Alive Ocean Table Coral

Dead or Alive Ocean Table Coral

The ocean has died, but you might not see it.


From technicolor to black and white:

I was reminiscing over old photos to share with you and I found these photos I took in the Red Sea*.  This is a dead table coral skeleton.  Interesting, but dead.  Life used to abound at this location and now the coral has died and with it the little colorful magical ecosystem that surrounds a coral reef.  Restoration can happen but awareness and care must happen first.

Hey if I don’t show you the difference, who will?  🙂

Take a look!

Our planet is mostly water, but there is a small percent of us that actually look and observe what’s happening in our underwater gardens.  I encourage everyone to take a look, even if it’s just from swim goggles near the shore.  I’ve been looking since 1983 and I have seen complete species disappear during that small time slice of history.  Touching coral with a human hand can be enough to kill it (it will sometimes sting you for protection), and of course there can be natural disasters (hurricanes) as well as man made disasters (trash, pollution, oil and sewage spills) that can cause irreparable damage.


Coral can die from eating plastic ocean waste.  Read this from Dr. Reese Halter:

It can be from acidification from pollution. The ocean can die from climate change.

Climate change affects coral, read this from Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherds:

I bought this postcardy colorful header photo to show you the amazing underwater marketing photos you usually see.  You see what people want you to see, but that’s not always the truth.  You won’t see death in photos or advertisements like this amazing photo I purchased, but sometimes when you’re under the water looking around, you can see sad quiet dark barren skeletons where prolific life used to abound.

You can read more here about other fabulous water to visit in the Red Sea area:

*not all the table coral is dead in the Red Sea, but there are a notable amount of skeleton table corals, and restoration is in effect.  It will help but the damage is done.


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