Don’t Forget to Hydrate! Molly’s Liquid Hike at Griffith Park

Don’t Forget to Hydrate!  Molly’s Liquid Hike at Griffith Park

I just received this cool email from Lindey Lambert, “This is one of my favorite ‘selfies’ … Me and my best friend Molly hiking in Griffith Park :).”

Lindy wanted to share this photo as a fitting way to honor Molly, her best friend and exercise buddy. Molly passed a year and a half ago, yet every day she is still missed.  Hike on Molly!

Griffith Park is a giant municipal park in Los Angeles that is also home to the Griffith Observatory and the Los Angeles Zoo.  There is a hike or bike trail for everyone at Griffith Park, part of the Santa Monica Mountains. If you love eucalyptus trees, this is your park.

I’ve lived here my entire life, hiked, biked much of the park and I’m certain I have not seen all of Griffith park.  There is the Autry Museum of Western Heritage that I’ve never seen, a merry go round I’ve never seen, pony rides, travel town..all a mystery to me!

What is YOUR favorite part of the park?

For more information on Griffith Park, here is the official link:

Thank you to Lindey Lambert for sharing Molly’s story and photo!

 Lindey’s business is media marketing and communications. She coaches people to share their stories in a sellable way, and work with them to create their business brand. Lindey is all about being inspired and taking immediate action, hence her submission to Liquid Hike. Her business is Amuse Creative, because for her clients she becomes their Muse. is Lindey’s website is Lindey’s email


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