Celebrate Valentines Day with World Love For Dolphin Day & World Whale Day

Celebrate Valentines Day with World Love For Dolphin Day & World Whale Day

Have you seen the movie The Cove?  It’s an excellent documentary about a sad topic; the suffering and impact of keeping large aquatics in captivity.

Here’s The Cove’s rating in Rotten Tomatoes

The Cove came out in 2009 and it raised awareness but SURPRISING — there is still a lot of unloving activity happening in that same cove in Japan.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day, which is February 14th in the United States.

Dr. Reese Halter, conservation biologist at Muse School CA, explains that we have two cetacean loving holidays coming up!

  1. World Love for Dolphins Day on February 13th
  2. World Whale Day on February 14th

Watch this video to learn more:

150107-wlfdd-bannerPlease read this link for details on how you can participate in World Love for Dolphins Day:


Get your blue outfits ready for photos!  We also have Wear Blue for the Oceans Day June 8th…stay tuned for that!


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